Our Services

The clinic of the Jamaica Cancer Society carries out screening for cervical, breast and prostate cancer as well as selected diagnostic and treatment services.

Along with our trained staff, the clinic activities are supported by a dedicated group of volunteer medical practitioners who are committed to helping in the fight against cancer.

Our opening hours to have a Pap Smear are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 2.00pm. Results can be obtained between 8.30 am and 4:00 pm.

The clinic is closed on Public Holidays and for the last two weeks of December.

Mammograms are done for women over 40 years old. A referral from a doctor is only required for women below this age. The office at 16 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 5 provides screening onsite. It is recommended that persons wishing to have this test done make an appointment by calling 927-4265.

Mobile Mammography
In order to address the health needs for breast cancer screening of women in isolated and rural communities, the Scotia Bank Jamaica Foundation, in 2000, donated a fully equipped state of the art mobile mammography vehicle to the Society.

The concept of a mobile programme is in recognition of the fact that women living in geographic and economic isolation are less likely to be screened and therefore less likely to have breast cancer detected at an early stage when successful treatment is more likely.
This programme will bring health improvements to many women in rural and inner-city communities as well as contribute to overall productivity by facilitating workplace screening.

Mammograms are done for women 40 years and over. Women below 40 years old require an appropriate referral from a doctor.
Communities/Groups requiring this service are asked to contact the Society at 927-4265 to arrange for the mobile unit.

Invasive cervical cancer is a significant cause of death in women in Jamaica despite the availability of Pap Smear screening, and many women who die from cervical cancer have never been screened. The recommended screening guidelines of the Jamaica Cancer Society, concerning cervical cancer is that women who are sexually active should have a Pap Smear done annually. However the effectiveness of Pap smear screening is dependent on several factors not least of which is availability and easy access.

The Jamaica Cancer Society believes that a well coordinated and targeted Mobile Pap Smear Screening Programme is the best strategy to increase access to cervical cancer screening, thereby contributing to the effective control of the disease. The justification is that women who lack access to such services may be diagnosed at an advanced stage in the natural history of the disease when treatment is less effective, more expensive, and death is a more likely outcome. The donation of an equipped vehicle from the British High Commission in 2000, has made it possible to reach women at their place of work or within their own communities.

In bringing cervical cancer screening services to communities where women live and work, the mobile programme will not only save the travel and waiting time of a visit for Pap Smear screening, but also safeguard productivity; contribute to a healthy female workforce, and be invaluable in the effective control of cervical cancer in Jamaica.

Nearly all patients diagnosed with cancer may feel emotionally upset at some time during their illness. Feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, anger, frustration, isolation and helplessness may occur not only among the person diagnosed but also among their family and friends.

The counselling service of the Jamaica Cancer Society is there to provide emotional support for persons with cancer as well as their family members.
Call our empathetic counselors at these telephone numbers: (876) 978-5435 & (876) 978-8513.

You may find that it helps to discuss your feelings with a close friend, family member, pastor, nurse, social worker, or psychologist with whom you feel comfortable. You may want to ask your doctor or nurse about meditation or relaxation exercises that might help you unwind and feel calmer.

The provision of various types of outreach activities is one of the Society’s mandates and is used to promote cancer awareness and the importance of screening and early detection.

This service is carried out island wide in schools, workplaces, churches, health centres and at health fairs in the form of:

  • Cancer and healthy life style talks.
    Displays and demonstrations.
    Pap smears and breast examinations.

Please feel free to call us and we will be happy to participate in your event.

Jamaica Reach to Recovery has been in existence for the past twenty-eight years. As a voluntary organization the members who are primarily breast cancer survivors, continue to function as a support group for women who have been diagnosed with or have survived breast cancer. The members are volunteers and work in areas of counseling and visitation.

To increase public awareness to breast cancer.

To inform that both early detection and early treatment are essential to a long and productive life.

To offer emotional and psychological support to survivors, their families and friends in the form of counseling.

To offer some financial assistance for medication and diagnostic tests.

To provide telephone counseling services and visits to hospitals as required.