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Earl Jarrett, CD, Hon. LL.D, JP
FCA, MSc (Accounting)
General Manager

Earl Jarrett was appointed General Manager of JNBS in October 1999. He joined the Society in 1997 as Executive with responsibility for Compliance and Overseas Subsidiaries. Mr. Jarrett is a member of the Society’s Board and all its local and overseas subsidiaries, as well as the JNBS Foundation. He is the Chairman of the Jamaica Automobile Association (Services) Limited, and the overseas subsidiary companies of JN …Read More Here


Mrs Gordon Profile Pic

Mrs Yulit Gordon

Mrs. Yulit Gordon brings to the Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS) over 30 years experience that spans the financial, hospitality and telecommunication sectors. Her previous role was that of Senior Business Development Manager at Digicel, Jamaica’s leading mobile telecommunications company, where she worked for 10 years. Her primary focus will be on establishing the Jamaica Cancer Society as a centre of excellence through the implementation and strengthening of key strategies such as research, advocacy for public policy that support cancer control and prevention…Read More Here

Elected Members:
Mr. Afeef Lazarus, President
Mr. Earl Jarrett – Chairman
Mr. Michael Fraser – Vice Chairman
Mrs. Catherine Parke-Thwaites – Treasurer
Mrs. Kathryn Pearson – Secretary

Nominated Members:
Dr. Wendel Guthrie
Dr. Michael McFarlene
Mr. Lincoln Robinson
Dr. J. St. Elmo Hall
Dr. Anthony Mullings
Dr. Venslow Greaves
Prof. Barrie Hanchard
Dr. Michael McFarlane
Mr. Laurence Stewart
Mr. Mike Braham
Dr. Derek Mitchell

Ex Officio Members:
President – Mr. Afeef Lazarus
Executive Director – Mrs. Yulit Gordon

Reach to Recovery
Chairman – Mrs. Elise Sellers-Wright

St. Elizabeth Branch
Chairman – Mrs. Edith Chedda

St. Ann/St. Mary Branch
Chairman – Mrs. Madeline Witter

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