Earl Jarrett, CD, Hon. LL.D, JP
FCA, MSc (Accounting)
General Manager

Earl Jarrett was appointed General Manager of JNBS in October 1999. He joined the Society in 1997 as Executive with responsibility for Compliance and Overseas Subsidiaries. Mr. Jarrett is a member of the Society’s Board and all its local and overseas subsidiaries, as well as the JNBS Foundation. He is the Chairman of the Jamaica Automobile Association (Services) Limited, and the overseas subsidiary companies of JN …Read More Here

Mr. Michael Leslie has served the Jamaica Cancer Society for nineteen (19) years in the capacity of Financial Manager.  He is married to Donna and is the father of two sons. He has over 25 years of knowledge in the fields of Finance and Administration. Mr. Leslie was appointed Acting Executive Director by the Board of Directors , effective Tuesday, April 6, 2020.