MANDEVILLE, Manchester – Coming here on Friday October 23 is a conference geared specifically towards women.

Organiser Dennise Williams told the Jamaica Observer Central at the launch at Regie’s Fine Dining Restaurant in the parish that the event dubbed “Fabulous, Fashionable and Financially Focused” will be creatively empowering women in a multiplicity of ways.

“What we are doing is talking to a cross-section of experts who will help women live a better life,” she said.

“As a woman your life is a big puzzle. I believe deep, deep in my soul that no matter how much of a career woman you may evolve into you still need your hand held. Somebody needs to care (about how you are coping). We have to get the message out that we need to hold each other’s hands,” added Williams.

She said that the event will run from 8:30 am- 8:30 pm at the Mandeville Hotel.

The Jamaica Co-Operative Credit Union League’s financial product, ‘Conec Mobile Wallet’, is the title sponsor. The Conec service reportedly acts as a bank account and allows users to easily and affordably transact a number of services from an application on their mobile telephone.

Other sponsors include The Jamaica Observer, Northern Caribbean University Media, Scotia Insurance, Women’s Prosperity Network, the Management Institute for National Development, Fontana Pharmacy, Jamaica Cancer Society, Hargreaves Memorial Hospital and Racquel J Makeup Studio.

“I want whoever comes to this conference to leave with a list of people they can call on for guidance. It’s empowerment through information,” she said.

– Alicia Sutherland

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