Kingston, Jamaica, March 1, 2017: The Jamaica Myeloma Support Group will join the rest of the world in

observing Myeloma Awareness/Action Month in March 2017 with a number of events designed to build

awareness of a disease of the plasma cells which affects growing numbers in Jamaica and across the world:


Saturday March 4 Regular Support Group meeting for interested persons touched by myeloma

Sunday March 12 Worship with Sts Peter & Paul Catholic Church (9:00 am)

Thursday March 16 Visit to the Haematology Clinic (KPH) to interact with myeloma patients

Friday March 24 Visit to the Haematology Clinic (UHWI) to interact with myeloma patients

Saturday March 25 Walk in Emancipation Park (starts 6:00am)


The Support Group meets on first Saturdays at 2:00pm with activities ranging from quiet sharing of

experiences, to viewing of informational videos on health topics, presentations by professional from a variety

of specializations, to light hearted fun and games.


This year we join the International Myeloma Foundation (with which the Group is affiliated) in reaching out to

build awareness among primary care physicians and internists with a myeloma information letter.

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