We got back from a very enjoyable family vacation so hit with the stark reality, “Michael you have prostate cancer! Surgery had to be done!!”

School for the children was starting within a week or two! What am I  to do?!!… The only thing I could – I took it the Lord in prayer that night.

The next morning, God gave me the answers. He told me who I was to call regarding relocating our children to a ‘new’ home for the three weeks we had to go up for surgery and work out all the details regarding extra lessons and extra curricular activities our daughters were involved with which I must tell you was a tight schedule!

Our family friends said ‘Yes’ right off the bat. We were so grateful. All we had to do now was book the flight and tell the children that we had to travel for a little emergency and they were going to stay for a while with our friends. In thinking back, our girls were thrilled to hear of that ‘little trip’ as they loved our friends very much and saw this as an added bonus to their recent summer break.

The attending doctor was very calming and reassuring and the hospital staff and facilities relatively comfortable but extremely cold.

I opted to stay at the hospital during the procedure and saw when they prepped Michael and wheeled him off to the operating room. All manner of thoughts crossed my mind but I stayed focus on God and a positive outcome. When they brought Michael back to the room many hours later, I did not recognise him. I almost told the porter that they had the wrong patient. I got up and really, really looked at him and was so relieved that he was alive.

We had discussions with the doctor who reported that he got everything and a follow-up test would have to be done again before departure to Jamaica. Michael got a clean bill of health.

Another family friend came and picked us up in Miami and took us north to his home in Oviedo to aid in relaxation and recovery. That was so needed and appreciated. Michael had to come off one of the medications they had given him as he was eating but unable to keep anything down for very long. We had another friend who housed us in Miami and who was a registered nurse and made that suggestion which worked like a dream and ended up being the best decision. During that week, Michael slowly started to regain his strength. We went back to Miami for a final check up and returned home shortly after.

In summary for me, I would like to share this quote:

“Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end”. –  Roy T. Bennett.

Adversity can/does bring out the best in us. We just have to stick together and get what needs to be done done.

To God be the praise and glory!

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