Profile of Mrs. Yulit Gordon, Executive Director of the Jamaica Cancer Society

Mrs. Yulit Gordon brings to the Jamaica Cancer Society (JCS) over 30 years experience that spans the financial, hospitality and telecommunication sectors. Her previous role was that of Senior Business Development Manager at Digicel, Jamaica’s leading mobile telecommunications company, where she worked for 10 years. Her primary focus will be on establishing the Jamaica Cancer Society as a centre of excellence through the implementation and strengthening of key strategies such as research, advocacy for public policy that support cancer control and prevention, training and development, increased access to cancer screening, health promotion and the development of regional and international partnerships to support the mission of the Jamaica Cancer Society.

A proud past student of St. Jago High School and a firm believer in its motto, Labor Omnia Vincit, “Labour conquers All”, Mrs. Gordon knows only too well that hard work and discipline open the door to success.  In the four years spent with the Society, Mrs. Gordon has grown the number of international and regional partners by 85 percent and have secured the highest grant funding (USD50,000) which resulted in increased access to cancer screening and public health education by 1600 women from underserved communities across the island.  The Society’s prostate cancer screening programme recorded increased growth of 100 percent, with screening numbers moving from 600 men in 2010 to over 1200 men in 2014. The Society’s Relay for Life recorded its highest revenue of J$14 million in 2012 from which a fund was established to provide financial aid to vulnerable men and women to access life sustaining services of radiation and chemotherapy.

In 2014, Mrs. Gordon was successful in raising 65 percent of the cost to procure a new state of the art mammography machine which placed the Cancer Society on the cutting edge of technology as a centre of excellence for breast imaging. With this new technology, it was projected that the Society would save approximately $2 million annually in clinical supplies.

In 2013, Mrs. Gordon played an integral role in the birth of the Caribbean Cancer Alliance which was initiated by the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC). This group of cancer advocates later launched the first ever Caribbean Cervical Cancer Electronic Petition demanding increased access for Caribbean women to cervical cancer screening.  In the same year, through strong advocacy actions, the Jamaica Cancer Society along with its partners within the Ministry of Health and the Jamaica Coalition for Tobacco Control was invited to present to Parliament on why the tobacco regulations should be enacted in Jamaica.  These arguments and representations resulted in the passage of the Public Health (Tobacco Control) Regulations in 2013 which saw the implementation of smoke free public spaces, 60% graphic health warnings and penalties for non-compliance.

In 2014, the Gleaner Company of Jamaica honoured the Jamaica Cancer Society for outstanding contribution to health and wellness in Jamaica and the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists awarded the Society its award of excellence for national development. In 2015, the American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM) honoured the Cancer Society for excellence in civic leadership.

Mrs. Gordon worships at Swallowfield Chapel and has one Son, Matthew.

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